5 Great Tips to Find a New Job in 2018


It’s almost a new year. Are you ready for a new job? With a fresh calendar, many professionals like to take this time to think about their career goals, opportunities, and priorities. But you can’t expect your dream job to fall in your lap over the holiday season. You need to take action to set yourself up for success. Here are 5 of our very best tips to help you land your dream job in 2018.

1. Freshen Up Your Resume and Cover Letter

Every chance you get to update your resume and cover letter is one you are unlikely to regret. You’d be surprised how much you can add beyond updating your employment history. Think about what new skills you have developed, what achievements you have accomplished, what trainings you have undertaken. Each of these can make a big difference to your resume and cover letter, so don’t let them fall by the wayside.

2. Create a Plan

As with all great endeavors, it is always best to start with a plan. A plan for an effective job search is made up of a reasonable timeline, specific goals and objectives, and outlining a step by step process to get from point a to point b. Start with a clear understanding of your financial situation and evaluate how long you can realistically afford to be unemployed. From there, evaluate what resources you need in order to be most effective in your job search. For example, do you need to update your resume? Where will you look for jobs? Could you spend some time developing your professional network?

Of course, there is any number of external influences in a job search that can influence or change your plan along the way, but it is so important to start with a clear path forward to achieve your objectives. Once you make a plan you can move on to the next steps in your job search strategy.

3. Talk to Your Network

Both digital and in-person networking are a critical part of your job search success. Consider attending job fairs or professional organization mixers to reach out to prospective employers. Join groups on LinkedIn and show your expertise by answering questions and engaging in thoughtful discussion. Also, consider reaching out to old colleagues who have moved on in their careers. Their networks are almost as valuable as your own, so don’t be afraid to reach out and reconnect.

4. Have a Positive Outlook

This is a surprisingly important but often overlooked job search tip – have a positive mindset. Mental and emotional positivity and a healthy outlook on life help balance out stress, reduce toxins in the body, and boost relationships, making the stress of a job search that much more manageable. So keep looking up, it’ll help you land your dream job that much quicker.

5. Work with a Staffing Agency

One valuable resource available to job candidates is working with a recruiter. Staffing agencies are a great source of information about employers and job opportunities in your local area. Consider working directly with a supportive career advisor for insider information to exciting jobs that meet your needs and match your skills and qualifications.

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