What Can’t You Do on Your Temporary Assignment?


Temporary work is a great opportunity for candidates to build experience, gain new skills, and build new professional connections. The temporary nature of these assignments can make it seem less structured than a normal gig, but temporary contracts should be taken with the same seriousness and dedication as a regular, full-time position.

With that in mind, here are four things you can’t do on your temporary assignment.

1. Be Late

Making a good impression still matters when you’re on temporary assignments. The relationships you’re building under contract are as important (sometimes more so) than those you would work hard to build with new colleagues and management in a normal job. Put your best foot forward in terms of your professional demeanor, your punctuality, and the quality of your work. Because you don’t know when and where those impressions you make will come into play in your career.

2. Sit on Your Phone All Day

Similarly, it’s important to make sure you are delivering on your promises while you are under contract. Don’t waste time (yours or your employer’s) and make sure you are working hard to build the skills and deliver the value that your hiring manager is expecting. By showing your employer how valuable you are to them and to your team, you may even create enough of a need for your services for your contract to be extended or turned into a full-time position.

3. Have All the Answers

No matter how experienced you are, there’s no way you have all the answers in the early days of your contract. There is always something new to learn in every experience, so approach your temporary assignment with an open mind and an eye toward learning as much as possible, as quickly as you can. That means asking lots of questions and seeking out resources that might not be obvious to you. Consider yourself a student of the contract, because only then can you approach the work with the right attitude to deliver value to your client. Remember that there are no stupid questions, and that you are not expected to have all the answers. Sometimes coworkers and managers just need to know what the questions are in order to provide the right answers.

4. Be Involved in Office Politics

It can seem tempting to get tangled up in the office politics that are such a normal part of working in a full-time capacity, but as a temporary worker, you really have no skin in the game. Don’t waste your time with office politics, rather focus in on the work and doing what you can to help the company you’re working for. They hired you because they need tactical and focused help in a particular area. But delivering on that promise, you will make the best impression possible, grow your skill set, build experience, and make strong connections that can help you grow your career in the long term.

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