Why a Positive Workplace Is a Productive Workplace


In today’s increasingly competitive hiring market, one thing that gives companies a definite edge when recruiting their dream team is a great reputation for a positive workplace culture. Great culture has been proven to increase productivity, boost morale and reduce turnover. The bottom line is that top talent wants to work for the employers who create and sustain a positive workplace culture.

Here’s why.

The Importance of Connecting with Employees

It can be tough, especially for larger companies, to really connect with each employee on an individual or personal level. But a positive workplace is one where workers feel they are more than just a number on a roster for corporate leadership. Maintaining those relationships with staff at all levels of employment goes a long way to making each employee feel like their work is valued, they are part of the larger corporate mission, and that leadership knows who they are as individuals. Be human to your employees. Learn about your staff, talk to them openly about workplace issues, solicit feedback as often as possible, and make sure they know that you are more than just a name behind a C-level title. You must be as fully invested in their success as they are because that is how loyalty is inspired and businesses grow.

Help Out When You Can

In a similar vein, keep a mind toward helping your employees when and where they need it. Sometimes this means offering more competitive benefits or family leave packages, and sometimes this means lending a hand to get a project wrapped and ready to deliver to a client. Never think that you are above the work being done by your staff, because elitism in the workplace provides a fast track to poor employee motivation and a drop in productivity.

Find Solutions Not Problems

Workers turn to their leaders to help solve problems. That is part of what leadership entails. But many employers find themselves bogged down in the negative mindset of only identifying problems and expecting workers to find their own solutions. You set the tone for your company’s culture in how you overcome obstacles, and how you inspire others to do the same. Keep a positive mindset in your dealings with issues that might otherwise drag a company down, and your employees will do the same.

Keep in mind that all of this works together to create a positive work climate. Good culture is an amalgamation of many little decisions and perspectives that influence the tone and quality of work by your company. It takes more than buying a ping pong table for the break room. It requires great communication, transparency and obvious appreciation of your employees. The rewards for that extra effort are impressive. Positive culture inevitably leads to better performance, better retention, lower healthcare expenditures and the sort of reputation that attracts the talent that helps grow your business.

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